Film Review

Inception Review… The Preview!

Yes, it’s true, I’m previewing my review of of the new film Inception.  I will let you in on my biases and what I expect.

I realize now, by looking at a list of Christopher Nolan directed films, I am most certainly a fan, but a fan with an critical eye.  I loved Memento, in fact it’s probably what made me want to watch Insomnia, which I thought was just decent.  Insomnia, I remember feeling at the time, suffered because it wasn’t Memento, but had better actors, which in my mind made it even worse, since DeNiro and Robin Williams were so great.  No matter how good they were in their respective roles though, Insomnia still wasn’t Memento.

Batman Begins, I remember thinking, was too long.  I did like the fact that it was reinvented in a darker style.  Essentially my take on it was that the sequel would have a lot of promise.

The Prestige is probably one of my favorite films ever.  I feel that film is one of the most underrated pieces of cinema I’ve ever seen.  I’ll have to re-watch it one day and post about it here.

The Dark Knight I’ll have to admit was a movie not watched in the best of circumstances.  To start it all off, I decided to go watch it after I’d heard all the hype, which always makes a movie seem not so great.  Second, in my genius, I decided to go watch a psychological dark action film in a drive-in.  Mistake.  So as it stands now, I don’t really understand what the big fuss was over the The Dark Knight.  Circumstances though didn’t give it a chance in hell.

I’m not sure what my preliminary thoughts are on Inception.  One one hand, when I first saw the previews, I had no interest.  It just looked like another disaster movie with less of premise than 2012.  Leonardo Dicaprio was walking around and buildings, built right up against the ocean, were collapsing.  It looked dumb.

Then when I take a second to actually think about it, I’m actually glad the previews told me nothing of the story.  Movies nowadays, give away way too much when they’re trying to get you to go watch them.  Here’s what I should have deduced immediately from the preview:

-Cool special effects (this of course is only a plus not a necessity)

-Leonardo Dicaprio has mostly chosen interesting movies to act in the last few years

-Christopher Nolan directs stuff worth dropping ten dollars on

Those reasons mixed with the pretty good word of mouth reviews, equal a movie worth going out to watch with the wife.  Don’t worry Mr. Nolan, I’m smarter now, I promise to not let circumstance or the quality of your previous work affect my judgment here.