Music Review

The Bride Screamed Murder by The Melvins


The Melvins‘ new album Freak Puke comes out today, but I wanted to get this review up before I’m able to review of that album as I’m a bit of a late bloomer to The Bride Screamed Murder (but by no means new to the Melvins as a band) and thought it’d be cool to have that perspective of both albums feeling new to me.

I learned long ago that no matter how much I like something the Melvins do it’ll never compare to the influence that Houdini, Gluey Porch Treatments and Stoner Witch have had on me. I take that as a caveat when I listen to something new by this band (truth is I really enjoyed their trilogy that they opened their relationship with Ipecac records with).

The best thing about this band is that they do whatever they want, which occasionally is to the detriment of our ears like in the majority of Colossus of Destiny.

The Bride Screamed Murder is that same mix of grungy metal mixed with intermittent weirdness we expect from the Seattle/Los Angeles rockers. Sludge versions of My Generation and a great opening song, The Water Class, that has some great drumming are what makes me continue to come back. My Generation might even be my least favorite song on the album, but it’s still fun to hear the Melvins sludge through it. Alas I do have warn you and attach the “nothing new” label onto the album.

I’m really glad Buzz hasn’t died in all the craziness that goes with being the band that influences everyone but has never become the powerful force that some of their influencees have become, the Melvins are basically the Bad Religion of metal. The style can get repetitive but their quirkiness and how well they’ve streamlined this brand of sludge hard rock makes me a fan forever.

Like I said I’m a late listener to this album, so expect a review of Freak Pulse the album being released today sometime next week after I’ve had a chance to give it the proper amount of spins.

After the jump is the music video to Electric Flower, yup quirkiness rocks.