Music Review

Exmilitary by Death Grips


It’s dirty. It’s abrasive. It’s weird. It’s hard to like on the first listen, but a trained ear even on a first listen can know that something is there, something is going on. I’m not sure if Death Grip‘s first album Exmilitary is good, but it is interesting, it does get huge points for originality, with that said it is abrasive and raw enough that if someone said they didn’t like it I would understand. But boy did I like it.

Death Grips is somewhere between an angry analogue sounding rapper mixed with a bit of Deftones type sampling all recorded with the same DIY flavor of Black Flagg‘s album Damaged. They borrow/create/sample many different types of beats to rap over but the drum and bass beat doesn’t take over the whole song just like the dubstep beat doesn’t. The really stripped down beats like the one on the second track Guillotine does take over the entire track, that’s one of the “raw” parts I was talking about earlier.

Even though it is a hip hop album you can here the acoustic hardcore feel of the percussion, which is due to the fact that this is a Zach Hill project. Zach Hill being the already weird and experimental drummer from the Sacramento hardcore band Hella. Hill is quickly becoming the Mike Patton of drumming, seemingly willing to do anything that is interests him.

Like I said above, if you don’t like it I understand, but the fact that others are finding something to like should make you take a closer listen, either that or you should take the advice of the weird sampled chick on the track Culture Shock:

“You…you need to vibrate higher.”