Music Review

Aesthethica by Liturgy


Things I’m going to get over with at the very beginning:

  • Liturgy makes black metal fans mad because they where jeans instead of corpse paint.
  • Lead singer Hunter Hunt-Hendrix wrote what amounts to a treatise on black metal and its future, that made people mad.
  • Black metal types are stupid even though black metal itself is cool. Saying stuff like that make black metal guys mad.

Okay, that’s minimum what you’ll get from any review or article written about these guys, now to the album.

It rocks.

Maybe I’m one of these non-satanist hipsters the black metal guys hate so much… oh wait I definitely am. Here’s the thing, why can’t someone like the sound and the idea behind black metal and just be a dude that works, goes to school, watches sports and hangs out with friends? Fuck you if you think this is all about Satan.

It will always be about music.

Liturgy’s Aesthethica is an incredible album that lifts black metal up without completely changing the game. Liturgy is not the Radiohead of black metal, they aren’t killing anything, if anything the album is too black metal and the songs don’t really define themselves from one another, but something like that is a shot at the genre not the band because Liturgy really do bring it.

First of all the production doesn’t suck. It’s not all finely tuned and doesn’t sound like a Britney Spears album either, but it’s not old school ugly can’t hear what’s going on black metal either.

A lot of the song titles match exactly to what the songs sound like, in fact if I had to describe Liturgy’s sound it would be by the title of the first track on the album “High Gold”. Liturgy is the high gold of black metal, the riffs and ideas that spew from the now familiar wall of noise created in a black metal album are all golden.

In the song “Veins of God” Hunt-Hendrix writes a tune that should be named the arteries of God, the music pumps out evil and power in thick slabs. The whole album is filled with compositions that expel a horde of noise and never feel like they were written on a keyboard. In fact what makes Liturgy sound fresh is the fact that the blast beats aren’t just one continuous boring beat like many black metal solo projects seem to be content with. Liturgy keeps the speed but the drums always progress, there are fills and the beat changes with the rift and it doesn’t stay monotonous throughout an entire song.

The interludes do break a few black metal standards. Between the heavy music and the ugly music are strange interludes (which I bet the band would say are songs in themselves) that don’t do the beautiful gothic piano thing that a lot of evil bands do, nor does the band experiment with any dark techno or anything like that. Liturgy is content with weird chants and sounds made by the instruments. These really don’t do much for me, but it is a difference from a lot of other black metal.

Aesthethica is not perfect. Many songs sound the same making the album sound like one big song with weird interludes. It still gets a strong eight rating from me, it’s an album that I find something new in every time I listen to it and I’m all about change and evolution in any genre. Thank goodness for Liturgy, the corpse paint genre desperately needed a little evolving.