Music Review

Money Store by Death Grips


Pitchfork Thinks they’re as intellectual as a scraped knee. I call them refreshing and unruly. Definitely an album I had to give a couple of listens to before I realized it was so good. At first it annoyed me that Stephan Burnett’s vocals and Zach Hill’s acoustic drumming weren’t taking center stage, but the weirdo beats finally got to me.

I do hope that when new Death Grips is released that the return to the more raw sound of an angry yelling rapper and an ultra creative drummer when their second album of the year is released. But the sampling and keyboard madness of Andy Morin does work out in the end and their (get ready for an overused word) rawness remains.

If you loved the first album you know that you had to give it a chance before it clicked, now with The Money Store you have to do the same. And you thought you were prepared for the second Death Grips album. You were wrong.