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Noctourniquet by The Mars Volta [REVIEW]

7. Noctourniquet

Well the Afro-section of the late and great At The Drive-in have released another convoluted modern-prog masterpiece/boredomfest. Strange sentence there huh? Is The Mars Volta’s new album a masterpiece or a boredomfest? It certainly can’t be both.

That’s where you’re wrong.

Actually I just told you that you were wrong for effect, you’re not wrong. Masterpieces cannot be boring. Noctourniquet is a meeting between the divine and the lazy. Mars Volta’s latest is an example of working harder and not smarter. It’s like the hardworking student at school who pulls a B- while a couple other kids get A’s and B’s.

What’s great about all that negativity above is that I really like the album. I like the sound of the Volta, even if it’s getting a bit repetitive or stealing from the really good albums, like Radiohead is doing to their classics right now.

I’m a fan of the Mars Volta and I get it, I also get that others don’t get it and if you want to get a friend of yours who doesn’t get it, to get it, I wouldn’t start with Noctourniquet. The drumming and the guitar work is weird and as wonderful as it always is. The vocals are great and the lyrics are… well I guess I’m not that huge of a fan of the Volta ’cause I don’t think I’ve ever read or understood a lyric they’re written.

Much like the live album of your favorite crappy Nu-metal band, Noctourniquet is a fans only affair.