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Star Trek: Into Darkness [REVIEW]

How do you like your eggs? Poached? Scrambled? Sunny Side Up?

How about your Star Trek? Character driven? Sciency? Explory? Detectivey?

How about if because of how successful Star Wars was I took Star Trek made a whole new timeline and instead introduced a world of only action? I mean action packed action? Very very entertaining action?

Star Trek is different now. I don’t want to call it bad, because it isn’t. It’s very good in fact, but now it’s Star Trek for the masses. Now the whole focus is on explosions and the new younger more spry Captain Kirk breaking procedure, kicking ass and taking names. Whatever. Cool.

If you didn’t like Star Trek before then you very well may like this version. You should give it another shot. If you’ve recently suffered brain damage this is also the Star Trek for you. If you’re not a complete idiot and you understand that franchises and their continuity must evolve, then you too will like this film and it’s predecessor. I’m firmly in the camp of the latter. I like these movies, what can I say, you’re not going to get my nerd card though. I still hope one day another series will grace my eyes on television and continue on where Deep Space 9 and Voyager left off.

But for now I’ve accepted that Star Trek is a pretty good action franchise and the most important thing besides the action, the main focus of the new franchise, will be exploring the friendship between Spock and Kirk. I’m okay with that, and you should be too, if you’re not I’ll give you a wedgie.