Music Review

Queeens of the Stone Age …Like Clockwork [REVIEW]

I like rock music, regular rock and roll whether classic or modern. There isn’t a whole bunch of it that is relevant right now. There’s that annoying poppy sort, like Nickleback. There are some semi-grunge bands that are working hard putting out new albums but not putting out “new music”. Then there’s what the internet brought us which is all the niches.

Queens of the Stone Age and their new album …Like Clockwork is a rock album. It doesn’t fall into any of those niches. It isn’t screamo,emo,nu metal,blackend death metal,indie or skate punk. It’s just a rock record.

It’s true that Queens of the Stone Age comes from the remnants of a popular Stoner Rock band Kyuss. If you really want to throw them into a category Stoner Rock or Stoner Metal those are as good as any, but …Like Clockwork isn’t as heavy as the earliest of QOTSA’s albums. It’s much more melodic, it screams when it appropriate and Josh Homme sings mostly.

I like this album because it’s a group of guys (who might be a bunch of jerks but I don’t care about that) who want to play rock riffs and they want to hit the drums really hard and they want their songs to have interesting parts and a discernible rhythm. It’s that kind of album.

It’s a rock album. I’ll likely never know what the songs lyrics are about mostly because I’m enjoying the rare occurrence of just a good regular rock band putting out a heck of an album. You should do the same.