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The Wolverine [#Film Review]


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I love me some super hero movies. My wife and I do the movie watching two ways, we try to catch all the relevant Oscar and Golden Globe nominees for best picture, best foreign film and best documentary and then we also suck up all the stupid action that comes along 2-3 times a year with super hero films.

These kind of movies only have to do one thing for me to like them, they just have to be as exciting or more exciting than the stories I’d make up for myself when I was child with my Wolverine and Iron Man toys. There is no excuse for the first fifty minutes of this movie to have essentially one action scene (I’m counting the wedding and the train as the same scene since they were two minutes between each other). I give a wide birth to these movies, I really like them and I allow myself to like them and The Wolverine was good, but Wolverine needs to be fighting more a lot more. He wasn’t rated the highest level in fighting in Overpower to have hardly actually fought in his movies. He’s an eight for godsake!!
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