Film Review

Silver Linings Playbook [REVIEW]

Years ago when I was a young sexually charged 14 year old I was tricked by a movie trailer for a film called Coyote Ugly. This trailer made the movie look like the exact kind of movie a, pre-internet is everywhere, 14 year old boy would want to see. Later on in life I happened past the movie and found out how I was fooled. This wasn’t movie filled with sex bar dancing and stripping! It was a chick flick! Tricked!

Same thing happened with George Clooney’s The American. That trailer made it look like we were going to get a high charged action movie, instead we got a film that did well to perpetrate all negative stereotypes for an overly artsy European movie.

The opposite happened with Silver Linings Playbook. The trailer made it seem like some run of the mill chick flick with a crazy person twist. That threw me off, thank goodness it was at least nominated for an Oscar or I may have never gotten around to watching it.

The film balances all the areas necessary to make a great drama. The director, David O. Russell, knew when to lighten the mood and paced the dramatic parts well. Bradley Cooper also showed his acting chops by playing a person with mental problems as well as anyone else could have, and his character wasn’t the easy psycho lunatic to play. Lots of actors would find success playing the Joker from Batman. Cooper excelled at the subtleties of the part.

Everyone else was great too. DeNiro like always played a roll that made you believe his character was real person and Jennifer Lawrence played a different kind of crazy that contrasted perfectly with Bradley Cooper’s character.

The film is memorable. It’s not just a “chick flick”. It’s an entertaining and enlightening film all the way around.