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12 Years a Slave [Film Review]

12 years

Films like these are needed in our culture. It’s important not to forget. I’ll have more to say about the idea of not forgetting and films like 12 Years a Slave hopefully in a more long form fashion.

From the perspective of a film review the film was great. In particular Chiwetel Ejiofor performance was great. Some people are calling this a Best Picture favorite and I can’t comment on whether or not that’s deserved quite yet but if he doesn’t win for leading actor then the other nominees must have had game changing performances.

The film is a heart wrencher just as anybody with a heart or brain would have expected, and the plot, based on a true story, is amazing in itself. I’ll always lean positively towards the focus on the individual and the facing of problems special to circumstance. This why true stories often make such good stories, writers in film and literature often paint too broad of a stroke.

I won’t get into detail here but if this wasn’t a true story then some of the ideas and scenes would have definitely not been written in the way the were.