Music Review

Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z


I am not the guy to come to when it comes to Jay-Z. I either think he’s overrated or in the case of this album, think he’s getting too much flack for a piece of work that is decent.

The album is a fun listen. Lots of interesting beats and lots of interesting songs. Ol’ Hova is probably the worst part of it, well at least his go too I’m rich Mayback, Picasso type rhymes are. Every now and then on this album he’s almost on to something, for example Oceans and the song Heavens. I was impressed by the general subject matter he was attempting to talk about, but then of course he’s got to fit in lines like:

“Getting ghost in the Ghost” and “Black card go hard when I’m shopping”

He makes lots of excuses for these kinds of rhymes in his book. He is what he is, I’ve accepted that. But what he is, is a maker of albums that are almost great. This album is almost great.

Almost isn’t “is”.

I like Yeezus a thousand times more, but I’ve listened to Magna Cart Holy Grail at least twice as many times. What does that tell you?