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War Horse [Film Review]


Took awhile to get to this film. It was nominated way back in the 2012 Oscars. There are those movies which are good, but you can tell they ended up on the awards lists because of who directed them. Steven Spielberg has a much easier road to getting something nominated than a lot of other directors. I also had a tough time with all the foreign characters speaking English to each other in their particular accents.

Warhorse isn’t going to go down as one of his classics, but it doesn’t make it a bad film. The film was entertaining and somewhat original. Instead of following a man into war you mostly follow a horse’s life into World War I. The people it meets, the other horses it meets and its adventure were genuinely interesting. There are a couple relationships in hindsight that I wish were fleshed out better, like the main horse’s horse companion and the French girl. The movie was a good time, it was equally harrowing and poignant. Looking back it felt like a set of interconnected short stories the were very entertaining if not deep.