Music Review

The Terror by The Flaming Lips [REVIEW]

An artistic and relevant band that has been around a long time is going to have a lot of variations and stages in their development and sound. The Flaming Lips are no different (even if they're different in almost every other way) The Terror is a black line in the sand. It’s not as big a jump as the Soft Bulletin was from their earlier punk rock style but it is a change in tone. The music is now the opposite of uplifting and dreamy and the lyrical tone follows suit.

In this album the band is giving us a tour of their dark emotional side. It’s a beautiful and scary album and is nowhere near their giant pink bunny Yoshi sound that is expected. What is different from this type of darkness and the kind you hear in the world of Nu Metal is that it’s a very adult darkness and a very adult discovery. Where one set of bands is writing boring cliche lyrics and riffs about their father, the Flaming Lips are exploring things on a more abstract and exciting level.

It’s well worth a listen or thirty. In fact I’m not so sure I really understand the album quite yet.