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Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes [Review]

Am I allowed to write about albums that are a few years old? Let me check with my editor.
Okay we’re cool.

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes is grand! And it was important to get on this because this album was released in 2011 and they’re likely thinking of releasing new music soon. I have to give a warning though, their harmonies and lyrics are subdued it doesn’t make them an immediate favorite. In fact it’s a few full listens before you even realize there are some loud parts on this album.

Robin Pecknold’s harmonies eventually pull you in and the lyrics have a worldly Grapes of Wrath/John Steinbeck feel. They might come off as dry at first but eventually you learn and the album blossoms from good to exquisite.

You should listen to this because it’s a good example of an album that can blossom.

Back before we could all listen to 150 albums a year we were forced to listen to OK Computer multiple times and that’s what made us realize how incredible a piece of work it was.

In today’s climate that’s not an option. Music geeks are inundated with new this and new that. And if you cross genres you’re basically screwed, you simply can’t be an expert unless you’re paid to listen to music.

It’s difficult to identify those albums that need to sit for awhile. We can’t sit around hoping every album that we almost like might blossom into something beautiful. We have to tell each other. Well here I am telling you that this Fleet Foxes album gets better and better over time.

Subpop records is a strong record company. I can’t speak to things like how they support or pay artists but they have it down when it comes to finding incredible art. Helplessness Blues is another release for which they can be proud.