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Her Film Review


Her directed by Spike Jonze and staring Joaquin Phoenix is one the less talked about Oscar nominees of the 2013 season. Despite the fact that it had no shot to win the Oscar it is still a great film, with all the subtle weirdness you’d expect from a Spike Jonze picture.

The film tells the story of a near future relationship between a bodyless artificial intelligence and a lonely recent divorcee. Much of the beginning of the movie is getting the strangeness of the situation forced on you in a way that keeps the watcher interested.

I liked it a bit better than 12 Years a Slave, but it was still a standard character study film similar to The Wrestler and Lincoln from years prior. The difference being that the study was on a relationship between a computer and a human where the other two films were more traditional studies on an individual character. Same as Lincoln and The Wrestler, Her is dependent on the performance of the lead, which Joaquin Phoenix handles masterfully, Scarlett Johansson’s disembodied voice is also wonderful form.

It didn’t win best picture and that’s okay. Lincoln shouldn’t have won either, but the acting achievements should definitely be recognized.