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The Electric Hour by Jeffertitti’s Nile [REVIEW]

Jeffertitti's Nile The Electric Hour

Transcendental Space-Punk Doo Wop, that’s everything you need to know about Jeffertitti’s Nile. When you’re not on drugs sometimes this psychedelic stuff can start to sound the same. But so can punk and hip-hop, metal and anything else. Jeffertitti’s Nile might feel like that on the first listen, but like most great albums in this genre eventually it injects itself into your bloodstream no drugs required, none by you required, the band appears to require a lot of them.

This album moves in and out the modern hippy affair and its echoey vocals whirling guitar work eventually hypnotize you against your will much like a woman in a Japanese porn eventually you realize how much you love it and you allow the ecstasy to spill over you.

Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records seems to have a lot good bands like Jeffertitti’s Nile and is a label I will be keeping my eyes on in the future.