Music Review

White Lighter’s Self-Titled New Album [REVIEW]


Are you into rock albums?

How about well written non-pretentious not too artsy rock lyrics that work with the music that surrounds it?

Well boy, then I got a deal for you!

White Lighter is a new project from Mark Salomon and Steven Dail from the golden age of “we’re not a christian band, but christians in a band” era of hard rock. Mark Salomon you may know from his most popular group Stavesacre, he has also done interesting stuff with The Crucified, Neon Horse and memorable guest spots with Argyle Park and Chatterbox (go find Chatterbox kids.. really go we’ll wait). Outer Circle, his foray into old school punk is one of my favorite punk albums ever.

Steven Dail played his part in one of the better Nu-Metal bands Project 86, yup I called them that, and was also a member of Neon Horse and the cray cray under appreciated Crash Rickshaw one off album.

Now along with Jason Martin who’s paid his dues in Starflyer and Neon Horse (wait a second, isn’t this group literally Neon Horse?) and a soon to be released project called Low and Behold.

That’s more background than I’m used to giving.

Mark Salomon is a guy that probably waits tables by day, yet his song writing has had a profound effect on me. I’ve enjoyed its mystery and its nuance, I’ve loved the way it allowed me to insert my own meaning to the words despite knowing he’s probably writing about something completely different.

On some occasions his song writing style has allowed me to interpret them in different ways across different moments in my life.

I am a fan. You may not be.

This album might be too standard for you. But when it comes to these three I’m used to nuance and I expect it and I get it here.

This probably won’t go down as my favorite piece of work by anyone in this group, simply because I’m older and I’ve been influenced by other art at a time I was more apt to be influenced. But these artists haven’t let me down, I am aware of the standard and quality I’m going to get from them and that’s why I buy their music and that’s why I’ll watch them live if they mosey through Las Vegas.

White Lighter’s debut album is good piece of work and is a definite must if you’re familiar with the group and perhaps if you’re young enough, an album whose music and lyrics will leave an imprint on your heart and mind.