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The Curator Mix #1


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A little taste of what’s been going through my ears recently and why:

***Rich Gang “Flava” from The Tour Part 1 Mixtape***

I’m on the Young Thug bandwagon. Like many on this bandwagon, I have no idea why I’m on it, I just know I’m here and enjoying my time. Rich Homie Quan ain’t a slouch either.

***White Lighter “Omen” from Self Titled Debut***

This is a dude who probably stuggles to pay rent, but I’ve been following Mark Salomon for a long time and his song writing sticks with me. This might be too normal for some people, but it’s a solid rock song and I’m just a fan.

***Tool “Rosetta Stoned” from 10,000 Days***

I feel most fans dislike this album and I was right there with them, but many of these songs have grown on me over the years and Rosetta Stoned is one of the weirdest songs they’ve ever written and here it is for you.

***BLKHRTS “Pack a Day” from Death,Romance and the color BLK***

This is one of the many Deathbomb Arc bands I’m fucking with. The jury is still out on many of these, I threw this in there because it’s a taste of what the label shoots for. They recently released a sampler on bandcamp, google it cause I don’t feel like linking to it.

***White Mandingos “My First White Girl” The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me***

Murs has a way of being funny and satirical but at the same time having a real message. If you get the message in this song you might be dumb or if you don’t you might be dumb… does that make any sense?

***Cannibal Corpse “Kill of Become” From “A Skeletal Domain”

I’m gonna go see Cannibal Corpse along with Behemoth in a few days and this song is cool, zombies and killing and what not. Can’t wait to FIRE UP THE CHAINSAW-HACK ALL THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF-IF YOU WANT TO LIVE YOU HAVE TO KILL OR BECOME