Music Review

Horror Movie Music: Cannibal Corpse Brings “A Skeletal Domain” to Las Vegas


Horror movies exist and are popular because the allow us to explore our uncomfortable fight or flight feelings without actually being in any danger. Kids can’t parse the reality with the fiction and have more trouble sleeping at night after a well paced ghost story or scream filled blood bath. Horror films themselves have changed over the years, Dracula and The Mummy eventually gave way to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre which inspired the crazy 80s slasher flicks where Freddy Kruger killed teenagers in their dreams, Jason chased around people with a knife, Michael Myers did the same and Chuckie was a murderous children’s toy.

Horror in the 90s and 2000s gave way to more gruesome scenes but also aimed at being psychological. The psychology manifested itself in the style of the Japanese remakes of the Grudge and The Ring also in the puzzle filled mayhem of the Saw series. Today we have a ton zombies. Tons and tons of zombies.

The same ideas in horror movies exist in music too. There is the Rob Zombie type of industrial influenced catchy hard rock and there are death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse.

Except for the Death, that created the death metal genre, Cannibal Corpse are the most popular and most relevant death metal band in the world. Take the most disgusting thing you can think of, say stabbing a vagina with a knife or ejaculating blood, maybe necrophilia? Cannibal Corpse has horror story type lyrics for all these things. In fact necrophilia has its own subset of urinating on maggot filled assholes, necrophilia with amputees and the “sucking out the goo, feast on her crotch” sort of necrophilia which you know doesn’t have a scientific name but nonetheless is a thing because there’s a Cannibal Corpse lyric about it.

If you get the feeling that Cannibal Corpse are being shocking for the sake of being shocking? Yup you got it right.

Their new album A Skeletal Domain seems to have taken up the Resident Evil and Walking Dead, undead murdering mutant thing. I prefer that, but the old stuff is what it is, silly B horror movie crap. If you’re a fan of Cannibal Corpse already then you’ll like this, it’s nothing new, but you’re a fan and you don’t want anything new. You want the same violent brutal, no clean singing, intense death metal you’ve come to know and love from Corpse Grinder and the crew.

My preference in the world of Death Metal has always been the technical death metal like Suffocation or grindcore bands like Carcass and Cryptopsy. Then there’s Gorguts, who have transcended death metal and still remain filled with both death and metal. Cannibal Corpse is a mainstay and anything they release or anytime they come through town they are a metalhead must. You’ll lose your hesher license if you’ve never seen Cannibal Corpse live.

They came through Vegas on February 6th along with Behemoth (who I also have something say about), and their fans were in full force. The 130 pound female security guard in the pit was head banging while attempting to keep fat bearded white dudes of questionable levels of sanitation safe.

No worries, she had blue gloves on.

You may be actually grossed out if you took the time to read the lyrics, but why are trying to get so deep with something that was never meant to be taken seriously?

Cannibal Corpse live makes you see the horror movie connection better than listening to the recorded music. Zombies and serial killers, being grossed in the safety of a film or death metal song, that’s Cannibal Corpse and live they’re a bunch of fat dudes head banging.

George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher was annoyed that the crowd wasn’t head banging to every song. It was by no means a sedated crowd in Las Vegas that night, the main pit never calmed down and the small pits that opened up near the stage got especially crazy. Cannibal Corpse is built for one thing: extreme metal hand banging.

Enjoy it and fire up those chain saws, cut their fucking heads off!