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Ida [REVIEW] Nominated for Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2015


My wife is Polish, so this was a very talked about film in our household. I really try to not write negative reviews, but this movie plodded horribly and was mostly predictable. The plot was deep, but deep in a way that has been done over and over again. I feel bad for Polish filmmakers nothing from Poland gets recognized unless it has some connection to World War II.

The plot was basic and boring. Many scenes plodded and went on too long. Those are the most important things. But there were things that were beautiful in this film. The cinematography was wonderful. It had the standard European still shot with people moving in and out, many of these shots were from interesting angles and created their own sort of beauty. The choice to go black and white was also compelling and gave the film a more rustic feel. The watcher got a real feel and idea for what Poland felt and looked like in the 20 years after the war. This just isn’t enough to make a two hour film interesting.