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Earl Sweatshirt’s I Don’t Like Shit: I Don’t Go Outside First Listen Tweets


Finally gave a first listen to Earl Sweatshirt’s new album I don’t like shit: I don’t go outside. Kept putting it off because I wanted to give it a legitimate first listen, not just put it on in the background, but I had a ton of Bad Religion to listen to because of their two day foray in Vegas.

The punk rock is behind me for the moment and below are the initial reactions to listening to the album.

This second tweet got a lot favorites and retweets because someone in Rat King’s/Wiki’s camp retweeted it. I guess they’re on on their social media marketing. This is my favorite song so far on the early listens, Wiki’s flow just like Earl’s and Tyler’s takes some time to grow on you but when it does their features are pleasant surprises.

This is what got tweeted to me as a recommendation to start. Good interview, lots to say about this too:

This tweet encompasses the most important thought about the album. The flows and the beats are lazy, smokey and maybe boring and repetitive at first. It sucks to say that and it’s impossible to explain why I’ve kept listening, but here’s this droning repetitive sort of cool sounding beat, an MC that’s sort of doing the same thing. But why do I think it’s good then? Get back to you on that, but it is good.

Clearly I’m a dumbass. Shuffle is only for albums you know really well or for greatest hits albums. Otherwise listen to the songs in the order they’re presented or start in the middle if you’re tired of the early songs.

Definitely gotta get back to you on lyrical content. I’m sure he’s going somewhere with the mood on that too. To be honest I don’t expect the young and wise lyrics I got from Kendrick’s album, but we’ll see.