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Ant-Man [Film Review]


My logic was this: If Marvel decides to make a movie about a lesser known, not so popular, and difficult to sell to the general public comic character, then they must be on to something. There must be something interesting or good coming.

A lot of my passive comic book movie friends weren’t interested in this at all. There was a lot of apathy towards something called “Ant-Man”. Truthfully I don’t think Disney or Marvel Studios believed it was going to be this big hit. I do think the whole Ant-Man persona and science behind the suit and super powers will play a large role in the MCU in the future. I think this film was a story break. It was time to calm down on the huge mixing of stories and create something mostly self-contained.

Marvel Studios succeeded in making a cool super hero movie. Ant-Man in fact was a refreshing change, because the nature of his powers allowed for a new style of action. The was no need to see entire city blocks destroyed, it was more like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids meets comic book super heroes.

The movie was great. I had a great time, it was funny like these movies have been in the past and the film makes you excited for what’s coming and how it’ll mesh with what’s happened in the past in Marvel’s shared cinematic universe.