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Dr Dre’s Compton A Soundtrack [Review]


So this should be a really easy review. It’s a new Dr Dre album and it’s his third in his 20 year career and he knows what he’s doing. The album is great and I should be able to stop writing right?

Compton is wonderful piece of work. Dr Dre is a producer and music arranger so it’s normal to see a lot of feature artists on his records. And while his production and the beats might be on par, if you don’t like the MC he’s given the beat to then you may not like the song. I ran into that a little, but it’s still Dre and it’s still great.

Dre’s voice and flow is different, he comes off much scratchier rather than the deep echo voice I was used to. Anderson .Paak’s performances on this album were a highlight and this was my first exposure to him, I’ll have to take a look at more of his work. Kendrick kills every verse but that’s normal for him he’s one the best rappers alive. Eminem’s contribution is solid.

The problem is I need to wait a full year at least and see where this album really lands. It’s a lot of shoe to fill when you consider before this week when I selected Dr. Dre on my google music account and tapped on “shuffle all” I was shuffling the incredible and influential The Chronic and 2001 albums. So what happens when I do it now? As good as this album is am I going to skip these songs when I shuffle Dr. Dre albums the next few decades of my life?

I don’t know yet. I don’t know if this has the same staying power as the previous two albums.