Film Review

The Fantastic Four Film Wasn’t That Bad


Just kidding. The Fantastic Four film was bad. I don’t want to argue that. If I watched it in a vacuum without the internet without any outside influence I still wouldn’t have been fond of it. I just know these things.

Unlike the internet, I wasn’t completely disgusted. It’s not saying much but I liked this version better than the previous two despite Jessica Alba’s hottness. Mostly I go to movies to enjoy myself and to be entertained and super hero/comic book movies are entertainment. I don’t go in to these films with this huge artistic expectation, because if I did I would hate the Avengers, I would hate Ant-Man I would hate Thor. I had a beer, I had one of those luxury reclining seats and I had a big screen with an action movie on and it was whatevs bro.

The internet though, the internet has been irreparably injured by what it sees as the worst thing that has ever happened to live action spandex. Let us pray that it gets through this difficult time.