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The Melvins Were Created to Play Rock and Roll, Las Vegas NV


I can’t hear anything. It’s the next morning after an evening of Big Business and The Melvins. Hopefully I haven’t done anything permanent to my poor eardrums. King Buzzo is some kind of mutant if he hasn’t gone deaf after playing that loud for 30+ years. This was one of the loudest concerts I had ever been to, in a small room meant to house EDM club goers. Nonetheless the Melvins rocked the crowd and my eardrums for over an hour in the manner they’d been doing it for three decades.

Buzz Osbourne’s purpose on Earth is to play this form of sludgy experimental slow heavy hard rock. Buzz came out in his normal smock/dress outfit and just played his music. You have your typical Melvins checklist of crazy sounds, down tempo slow riffs, maniacal drum fills, feed back from the guitars the back and forth drumming of both Dale Crover and Coady Willis. The only thing you could be sure of is that Buzz was going to swing his guitar neck all around as he was plucking those chords completely enthralled with the music he was playing.

Jared Warren Melvins/Big Business bass player was also a wreck on stage. His pedal assortment and vocal duties kept him from being all over the stage like Buzz but he still made his presence felt playing atop a speaker, once just laying on it seemingly asleep while the girls around him took selfies and on another song standing on top of it and jumping off just in time to provide back up vocals.

The Sayers Club in the new SLS was not built for metal. The only reason the Melvins were there was because the show had to be saved after the abrupt closing of the Bunkhouse. I’m glad that it worked out but the venue created its own strange atmosphere.

But it’s the Melvins so strange is good.

The Sayers club has carpeted floors and bar tenders in dress outfits. The waitresses were beautiful but you certainly could not be dressed like they were in the dive bars the Melvins are used to headlining in anywhere else but in Las Vegas. The merch guy was holed up on some balcony overlooking the Las Vegas strip. So the glamour and style was weird, but then I thought a place like the El Rey in Los Angeles is pretty nice too, I’m sure the Melvins have been through there too.

Before the Melvins came on Jared Warren and Coady Willis played a solid set from their own band Big Business. On other occasions they’ve had a guitar player, on this one it was just a bass and drum set and they held their own. The are heavy and it primed my ears for the noise assault I was going to endure with the Melvins.

Let’s close with a not really a haiku:

My ears.
Still ringing.
The Melvins and Big Business.
I still can’t hear shit.