Live Music

¡Mayday! Live at the Las Vegas Country Saloon

It is tough to be a touring artist that isn’t Radiohead or Bruno Mars. You have this responsibility to entertain but at the same time you can’t just travel the country playing on Fridays and Saturdays. Very often you’re going to make a stop somewhere where you have to rock a crowd of 13 fans on a Wednesday.

This happened to ¡Mayday! on a recent stop in Vegas. This isn’t a group with some huge west coast following either like their labelmate Murs, who played the next day down the road. With that said a handful of fans showed up and ¡Mayday! did their job rocking the 50 Las Vegans that either didn’t have work in the morning or didn’t care that they had work.

They put on a great show and I’m sure in a larger crowd of their own fans the energy is felt that much more. I have a lot of respect for rappers that go up on stage alone and perform behind a beat coming out of their own laptop.

But I also love it when a hip hop group has actual instruments, and ¡Mayday! had a whole assortment of percussion that was played so the beat wasn’t just a recording. It added to the showmanship and made the group feel more like a group of musicians rather than just a couple of guys rapping.

Despite the cavernous Las Vegas Country Saloon being almost empty on a Wednesday night ¡Mayday! was able to entertain and add another notch in my growing fandom of their art and message. Don’t sleep on these guys.