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YOB And Subrosa Playlist Primer – #DoomMetal

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I have also added a youtube playlist which can be found below


In what amounts to a pre-pre-show for Psycho Las Vegas doom metal bands YOB and SubRosa are playing some dates in the west coast area, one of them being the Thursday before Psycho’s offical start day and the day before the actual pre-show that has Pentagram as the headliner (hence pre-pre-show).

YOB is one of those bands that create some monstrously long chugging sounds. When they get bad reviews people claim some of the slow riffing gets monotonous  and meandering. I don’t feel this way at all. I know the songs are supposed to be long and heavy and it often takes a riff many repetitions to give you that doomy hypnotic feeling.

YOB is master of that. The songs on the playlist below are a sample of what they’ve been playing live and a great example of the doom-hypno feeling I just described.

Subrosa is a doom metal band fronted the female vocals of Rebecca Vernon (although there are two other women in the band and I’m not sure how much they sing there is definitely a lot of harmony in the vocals). This is one of my favorite bands in the sub-genre and they do things just different enough to set them apart. The moodiness of the vocals, the violin parts, the well timed riffs are what had me come for more when they released their last album For This We Fought the Battle of Ages. But their album More Constant Than The Gods is the album I tell people to start with. That album perfectly times and mixes the melancholy and beauty that beats through their entire catalog.

Their recent set lists have had a focus on the newer album and the below playlist reflects that but if you ever feel like listening to something in the doom/sludge/stoner sub-genre I recommend a no shuffle beginning to end listen to More Constant Than the Gods.


YOB and SubRosa Tour Dates:

Thu, Aug 17
You can find the YOB SubRosa playlist on Google Music HERE.
Youtube playlist:

Here is the Spotify playlist: