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New Album Primer for 02/16/2018

Senses Fail gets album cover of the week. It is eerie and artistic and keeps with their brand of the simple skull guy. There isn’t a ton of highly anticipated releases out this month but there is enough to keep you busy over the weekend for your particular genre or if you are like me and you dip your ears into many sub-genres (you would be the target audience of this website by the way) then there is a lot to listen to over the weekend. I skipped albums by Car Seat Headrest and Belle and Sebastian, even though I think they’re relevant because the former is a re-recording of an early bandcamp release and Belle and Sebastian because their new release appears to be a part III to a series of albums I haven’t listened to yet.



Nipsey Hussle -Victory Lap

Nipsey Hussle used to look like Snoop Dogg. Now he looks like Snoop Dogg and Kimbo Slice’s love child.  Victory Lap, like all the albums on this list, comes out on 2/16/2018. As I write this I see that he’s released another single with a feature from Kendrick Lamar.

So far the songs sound like what I’ve always associated Nipsey Hussle with, hip hop songs for fans of hip hop. It’s up to you whether you feel that’s an insult or not, but I don’t see a transcending level stuff going on here. I here a good rapper rapping on good beats. I don’t see an Outkast or Kendrick Lamar mixed genre headliner. But then again I would have said that about J.Cole and he’s gone just beyond that transcending level.

The new album will definitely get multiple listens from me.

Anticipaton Score 9/10

Expectation Score 7/10

The Mean Jeans – The Jingles Collection

Mean Jeans are one of those silly fun punk rock bands. Some people take the whole genre of my music thing seriously (google “black metal Burzum” for an extreme take on that). You get the expected Mean Jeans feel from the songs I listened to off of this Jingles album, which means it feels like the Ramones with a different singer are singing parody commercial jingles.

It’s worth a listen for novelty reasons and also because there are so few regular punk records coming out. Your other choice is to dig through bandcamp, which is a hobby of mine I’ll soon be adding as a column to this website.

Expectation Score 3/10

Anticipation Score 1/10

American Nightmare – American Nightmare

Once upon a time this band was called Give Up the Ghost and I may have seen them live. But maybe not. I’m not very familiar with their music, “The World is Blue” posted above seemed worth featuring even if it’s not highly anticipated, plus it seems to be a post hardcore sort of day.

Expectation Score 3/10

Anticipation Score 1/10

Rejjie Snow – Dear Annie

The video for Dear Annie reminds of a Team Sesh Bones video. This song is okay, maybe not the first thing I’d want to hear off of an album. If you want me to be honest and not just go google shit, I can’t remember who, why or how Rejjie Snow is on my radar and why I cared about him releasing a new album. I get so much music pumping through my ears I can’t always remember why I like certain musicians. It’s up to Rejjie Snow to keep my interest on Friday when I put that new album on my weekend playlist.

Expectation Score 6/10

Anticipation Score 5/10

Senses Fail –If There Is Light, They Will Find You

Hard to say where Senses Fail fall on the legend list of their particular sub-genre. You may have thought the semi emo semi post hardcore band broke up or is coming back from a long hiatus but this is not the case. Despite a decent amount of line up changes the band has been on an about every two year release schedule since their first Vagrant Records release in 2004. Vocalist Buddy Nielsen is the only original member and his emo rasping mixed with his emo screams are in tact and as intense as I remember them when this genre was bathing us in anger and tears.

New Jersey Makes, The World Takes is one of the songs released ahead the full album and it’s more catchy than screamy but is a good example of what I expect Senses Fail to bring to the table.

Expectation Score 4/10

Anticipation Score 4/10

Towkio – WWW

Towkio is the shit. This song is cool I guess I’m not super into it but the video is funny and as I’m writing this the beat is infecting. I loved his EP on soundcloud from a few years ago and just scrolling down his soundcloud account I can see I’ve missed a ton even though I have been following Chance the Rapper and the rest of the SAVEMONEY CREW for the better part of four years. I think Towkio has a lot of potential so I expect a lot and am excited to hear this album when it comes on 2/16/2018 and to catch up on his other work.

Expectation Score 7/10

Anticipation Score 9/10

Windhand – Split EP

Windhand plays a kind of metal that is very divisive. You can either get lost in the slow build up and pounding slow riffs of song like Three Sisters or you complain about how it all sounds the same and it’s too slow and boring. I understand the latter opinion, at Psycho Las Vegas I spent two days listening to hours and hours of doom and stoner metal and when Windhand played the 3rd day of the festival I was barely there. A friend of mine thought them boring, but being barely there is the best way to be for Windhand.

Expectation Score 7/10

Anticipation Score 7/10

Satan’s Sartyrs – Split EP

If I were to buy this split EP that includes Windhand and Satan’s Sartyrs I’d be buying it for the Windhand contributions, but I can see how accidentally listening to some of these Satan’s Sartyr songs could hook me. I won’t set my expectations too high, but Succubus is a good song and a solid intro to a band I am not very familiar with.

Expectation Score 4/10

Anticipation Score 7/10