PREVIEW VIDEO New Comics to Read and Buy 11/07/2018

It is new comic day! Obviously the most wonderful day in all the week.

Below is a video that previews the most anticipated comics of the week. You’ll also hear me continue to spiel about how being a reader and the “comic investing” and “comic speculating” game is overall bad for the industry and community. Slowly but surely I’ll get those thoughts organized and get something out there in video or written form.

There is a lot to be excited about today. Tom King’s Batman 58 is out today, whenever that comes it always stirs the pot since Batman is held so close to so many hearts. Nightwing gets its continuation of story arc I’m really enjoying. I am looking forward to Green Lantern #1 and the continuation of the Drowned Earth storyline in Justice League. Plus The Dreaming is out from DC’s Vertigo imprint filling the Sandman hole in our hearts.

On the image and indie side of the world, Outer Darkness is premiering which was solicited as Star Trek meets Event Horizon. Wicked and Divine and Redlands are both getting new books out.

Marvel is no slouch either. Aside from all the X-men and Spiderman releases I am excited for Deadpool and not that excited for Shatterstar #2 but I’m going to buy it anyway. Plus there are a bunch of good Star Wars books coming out from Marvel’s coffers.

A whole bunch more I talk about in the video below. Enjoy!