Music Review

REVIEW | Cavernlight | “As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache”

Cavernlight is a band so dark, filled with depression and pure emotion, on initial listens I wanted to label them an atmospheric black metal band. It turned out genres with words like “post”, “drone” and doom were terms most associated with the band. I got lost in the cavern without a light during my study and reading periods where I wasn’t paying direction attention to the music. The light synth work, some of the guitar tones and screechier vocals sent my mind down the dark and black metal path.

The band is definitely not a black metal band.

On my final listens while organizing notes for this review drone and doom are fine descriptions of Cavernlight. Also, no one really knows what “post” means.

Cavernlight was created for mostly personal reasons by a group of metal musicians in Wisconsin. They were never meant to tour, play live or record until they did. The band includes the owner of Gilead Media, one of those bandcamp labels that is so consistent one could pick up something at random and have a high probability of loving the album and not feeling like you wasted money.

It’s not a secret that a lot of metal bands play with with negative themes. The best of those bands can demonstrate those emotions in the abstract without relying on lyrics that whine too much and avoid compromising their extreme metal roots.

Cavernlight’s tones, screams, riffs and atmospheric sections build a pure emotional strain on the listener. I don’t like using so many adjectives in reviews but it’s all of the above that are a summation of Cavernlight’s members feel, through the music, as if they are monolith sad human being.