Book Review

REVIEW Self/Made by Mat Groom and Eduardo Ferigato

Self/Made might not be what it appears. It might be a high fantasy adventure team up. It might be a story about becoming a leader. It is a new Image comics series by MAT GROOM and artist EDUARDO FERIGATO. And they are all in on this creator owned epic with a podcast and a newsletter to go along the monthly release.

What you get in this first issue is a giant war in a large fantasy setting with near infinite opportunity for world building. That and there’s seems to be some other layer of magic occurring where characters die or fail at an objective…but don’t.

I enjoyed the first issue for many reasons but most of all the opportunities for great character development in world of huge imaginative possibilty.

The art has an American manga feel that is common in comics today. The story telling through the art is Ferigato’s strength. Facial expressions, action scenes and general movements supplement the writing well and aid in telling the story.

This is an Image comic worth reading. It has a high fantasy in Greek, Persian, Mediterranean feel. There’s one big comparison I’d make but I’ll save it for the issue #2 review because it could be a spoiler.