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Announcing Talk Marvel 2099 Comic Review Series

The Marvel 2099 series is an old run of books set in a possible future of the current Marvel universe. The majority of it takes place in what is known as Earth-928 but we’re going to have fun with all of its iterations. I’m doing this because it’s a whole run that is easily collectible since the vast majority of these titles can be found in dollar bins at any comic book store and it’s a throwback to something very 90s.

Plus I was interested in the imprint when I was a growing up and couldn’t afford it, now I can (because they’re a dollar).

At first I’ll be covering the comics in chronological order, but I will also do whatever tickles my fancy. I hope you come along for the ride as we talk about Ghost Rider’s, Doom’s, Spider-man’s, Punisher’s of 2099 and more.

Please for the twitter account @talkmarvel2099

And I’ll be starting in chronological order with a mix of books and videos about the Earth 928 and anything else 2099.

I’ll be starting with the reading order posted on the Marvel Fandom Page:

Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 1
Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 117
Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 118
Ravage 2099 Vol 1 1
Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 2
Doom 2099 Vol 1 1
Ravage 2099 Vol 1 2
Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 3
Doom 2099 Vol 1 2