Music Review, Playlist, Preview

Weekly Heavy Metal Preview For 3/29/2019

Not a ton of time for the write up this week. I also couldn’t go find these songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music and Bandcamp either.

But I did get a music video up for each band on the list and created a YouTube playlist.

I have a list of windows open of some cool music coming out on bandcamp. I will have to share that in separate Twitter posts.

This list made up of the stuff I put on my own calendar and the mostly detailed list at theprp of new releases.

If only want to take a quick scroll and see and taste what is coming out on 3/29 check out below.


Devin Townsend Empath


Whitechapel The Valley


Triumvir Foul Urine Of Abomination


I Prevail Trauma


Thunderclap Inebriocean


A New Revenge Enemies & Lovers


Oshiego The Book Of Wonders


Moon Tooth Crux


Okilly Dokilly Howdilly Twodilly


Arrival Of Autumn Harbinger


Forever Still Breathe In Colours


Totaled Lament


Hell Fire Mania


Brutus Nest


VLTIMAS Something Wicked Marches In


Skryptor Luminous Volumes


Bloodline Better View


Lee McKinney Infinite Mind


East Of The Wall NP-Complete