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Comic Books Ranted and Reviewed #1


Hey it’s a comic book column. Part of me knows I can fill this whole blog with comic book reviews but I don’t really want to do that. I want to be able to write film and album reviews here too. I want this to be a place where I can have a column or just comment on nerd news.

If I did comic reviews it would fill the entire page every week, I read a lot of comics. So I’ve decided to try this, every week I’ll just pick three and give them a review and if I feel the need, write some kind of rant here above page.

I’m thinking Thursdays will be good for this column. The day after new comic book Wednesday and I can do a nice little write up of what I decided was worth it to read right away.

I’m just going to jump into it this week. I decided on three different publishers and I decided on these books randomly. The aren’t even current titles except for Thunderbolt which came out last week. Expect another one of these Thursday morning with newer titles.

Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Dynamite)

by Kieron Gillen, Caspar Wijngaard


I’m reading this book for one reason: Kieron Gillen. In his newsletter he informed his readers that he’ll be returning to the superhero genre. I don’t think anyone realized it would be an obscure superhero outside of the DC and Marvel universes.

Peter Cannon might be obscure. Peter Cannon might only be on people’s radar today because Kieron Gillen is writing him. But Peter Cannon is not new. He debuted in 1966, published by Charlton comics and even this run has a vintage throwback feel to it.

This iteration of Thunderbolt has a prodigy type character having to battle an evil version of himself. The premise isn’t new. The execution is original, that’s why Kieron Gillen has so many loyal readers. He executes.

This has a standard post-superhero, very Alan Moore influenced, comic book feel. And it’s also apart from the the sometimes grating, too big, too popular worlds of Marvel and DC. If that appeals to you then I think Peter Cannon Thunderbolt is a comic you should give try.


Age of X-Man Prisoner X #2 (Marvel)

by Vita Ayala, German Peralta


I’ve said it before on the NPOYS Instagram page and I will say it here: I am all in on the Age of X-Man schtick. Prisoner X is one of the better titles so far. You can’t really tell where it’s going. Bishop has memories of the normal reality, much like he does in the world Nate Grey aka X-Man came from.

Bishop gets sent to prison for trying to do the hanky panky with Jean Grey and is put in a situation where someone is telling him his dreams that the Age of X-Man reality is fabricated are not just dreams.

The jury is still out on the series but through two issues it’s got me invested along with all of the other Age of X-Man titles.


Assassin Nation (Skybound, Image)

by Kyle Starks, Erica Henderson


I will start by saying that as a boxing and MMA fan the first page of this book grabbed me. After you see the cover, which is a bunch of assassins pointing guns at each other, you get a top 20 ranking of assassins in the world. Fernando and Taipan are ranked one and two and Dave and Fuck Tarkington are nineteenth and twentieth.

I don’t want to spoil anything but you as you probably expect one or more of those twenty don’t make it through the first issue.

The premise is that former top ranked assassin and current crime boss is being targeted by an unknown assassin. His solution to that problem is to hire as many of the top 20 as possible. Yeah he puts them all in a room together.

Easy A-.

What are your picks of the week? Let me know on twitter @chrissarda