PREVIEWS PODCAST: Talking Very Indie Comic Books June 2019


We’ve done almost everything in the April Previews issue for June releases. We’ve talked about MarvelDC and the big indies like Image and Dark Horse.

Now we’re going deep. Now we’re going to talk about all of those comics in the green pages that no one talks about. I call them very indie comics (super indie comics would be kickstarters and etsy stuff).

So join me as I start the conversation for the very indie green pages.

Very indie to me is the very small press stuff that still makes it into Previews but still doesn’t get followed or bought. I want to make sure that I’m covering and talking about that whole range of that sort of thing from the low print new super heroes to the artsy stuff by fantagraphics.

Aftershock, IDW, Black Mask and Fantagraphics are publishers I consider bigger do appear in this podcast and I’m okay with that. For one they actually are in the green page area of PREVIEWS and also I’m able to break up some of the one off tiny publisher commentary I do when the reality is I don’t know much about the publisher or the creators.

This podcast will preview a whole load of titles you either never heard of or will want to know more about. You don’t need to buy every side character in Thor’s miniseries when you have things like Lady Mechanika out there. If you’re into vampires Aftershock has a cool Nazi vampire killing title called Dark Red. If you love the post super hero crazy that Alan Moore started with Watchmen and writers like Jeff Lemire are continuing with Black Hammer you can be first to market on No Ones by Jim Kreuger and Well-Bee published by Cave Pictures.

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