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YOB And Subrosa Playlist Primer – #DoomMetal

****UPDATE**** I have also added a youtube playlist which can be found below ****UPDATE**** In what amounts to a pre-pre-show for Psycho Las Vegas doom metal bands YOB and SubRosa are playing some dates in the west coast area, one of them being the Thursday before Psycho’s offical start day and the day before the […]

Playlist for the Rancid and Dropkick Murphys 2017 Tour

Rancid and Dropkick Murphys are going on tour together starting at the end of July. If you’re into that 90s wave of punk then this is a can’t miss show for the those of us that haven’t seen these bands 350 times. Below is a primer playlist for some of the songs you might hear […]

THE SWANS – Psycho Las Vegas 2017 Playlists

Truth is who the fuck really knows what the Swans are going to play. But here is more or less what they were playing on tour last year. This is a set where it’s probably good to listen to the spotify playlist and watch the youtube playlist unless you’re addicted to “being surprised” which is […]

Psycho Las Vegas 2017 Playlists King Diamond

  A series of playlists for bands that will be playing at Psycho Las Vegas 2017. King Diamond is (are) supposed to play their (his) 1987 album ‘Abigail’ in full. The re-release version of the album is included in full in the below playlist. He (they) have been playing a few other songs on top […]

The Parameters of Metal

Is there good metal still being released? The last couple of years have proven that good heavy metal music can be written, recorded and played. One has to be of the ‘open to new things breed’, I’ve found as I’ve gotten a little older (just mid 30s) a lot of my friends have stagnated or […]

King Fantastic Bonfire Sessions (Troublemaker Remix)

    King Fantastic is always a good time. He’s prolific for an artist that is mainly known for his mixtapes. His bandcamp is filled with good music to explore. A remix of his song Bonfire Sessions recently surfaced on Soundcloud. Listen to it below and compare it to the original that originally appeared on […]

Enter the Drone – A Beginner in Drone and Ambient Music

A Beginner in Drone and AmbientI’m a subscriber to a record label’s subscription service. To be exact it’s called a Jamscription and the record label is Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The music is that jam band psychedelic drug stuff. It doesn’t get too crazy. There are a surprising amount of 4 minute songs released on BBiB, for a […]

Seminal vs Good vs Doesn’t Hold Up – Roots by Sepultura

Seminal vs Good vs Doesn’t Hold Up – Roots by Sepultura

I’m not bitter. I’m not huge fan of The Cavalera Conspiracy or Sepultura or that Roots album honestly. I may have still gone to their scheduled show if Allegaeon didn’t also cancel here in Las Vegas. The tour is still on and you should go if you’re into it. My group of metal head friends […]

Conor Oberst Phase II

Conor Oberst has changed since 2004. He doesn’t look like an emo kid. He has the scruffy tortured soul look, like a James Blunt for Xanax users. He is still short. This tour he has decided to work in the violin/fiddle into every song, well he’s been doing that for years. His guitar player was […]

Wicked + Divine Tweets

Wish I could check out the #wicdiv hashtage but I'm reading the HC editions and am a few issues behind. — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) June 17, 2016 Finished up the Year 1 of Wicked + Divine. #wicdiv. Maybe I'll try making a video review. Have a few notes to get started. — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) […]

First Listen Tweets: A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

Burn the Witch sounds more eerie as just audio and no video.#radiohead#firstlisten#amoonshapedpool — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) May 14, 2016 Burn the Witch sounds more eerie as just audio and no video.#radiohead#firstlisten#amoonshapedpool — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) May 14, 2016 Haven't even watched the Daydreaming video.#radiohead #firstlisten #amoonshapedpool — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) May 14, 2016 Sometimes it's […]

First Listen Tweets: Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

    #chancetherapper first listen of the #coloringbook. I'd rather have a Kanye produced track they a vocal feature. — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) May 13, 2016 #chancetherapper first listen of the #coloringbook. I'd rather have a Kanye produced track they a vocal feature. — Chris Sarda (@chrissarda) May 13, 2016 The gospel influence is strong […]

Game of Thrones Does This For Fantasy Planetfall Does This For Science Fiction

Game of Thrones became very popular in fantasy circles for not putting the magic, wizards and centaurs in the forefront of the storytelling. While there’s plenty of dragons and magical situations the politics and storytelling is center stage. Planetfall, Emma Newman’s new science fiction novel does something similar. Planetfall and Game of Thrones are hardly […]

How I Read Year End Best Album of the Year Lists

Lists are a big deal on the internet. There are top 8 ways to please your spouse, top 10 foods that fuel your brain and most important this time of year top 50 albums of 2022. Lists have become the obvious way to get people to interact (mostly with anger) and most important of all […]

Blood Orange’s New Video for Sandra’s Smile

Honest truth is I don’t know that much about Blood Orange. Damn I’m not even sure if they’re a group or a dude (Blood Orange is a dude). All I know about them comes from one album I enjoyed immensely from 2013, Cupid Deluxe. In fact that album fell off my radar. I’m listening to […]

¡Mayday! Live at the Las Vegas Country Saloon

It is tough to be a touring artist that isn’t Radiohead or Bruno Mars. You have this responsibility to entertain but at the same time you can’t just travel the country playing on Fridays and Saturdays. Very often you’re going to make a stop somewhere where you have to rock a crowd of 13 fans […]

Set Playlist Primer: Doomtree and Astronautalis Tour Dates

Doomtree is an underground hip hop collective from Minnesota that has garnered a considerable following over the years with their most influential work No Kings surely to be featured along side their new album All Hands. After the break there’s a setlist primer that includes both albums some of the bigger songs from each of […]

The Melvins Were Created to Play Rock and Roll, Las Vegas NV

I can’t hear anything. It’s the next morning after an evening of Big Business and The Melvins. Hopefully I haven’t done anything permanent to my poor eardrums. King Buzzo is some kind of mutant if he hasn’t gone deaf after playing that loud for 30+ years. This was one of the loudest concerts I had […]

Lauryn Hill West Coast Tour and Concert Playlist

Lauryn Hill is one of the handful of R&B types that I enjoy. It’s really not that fair to label her just R&B since so much of what she does is hip hop. To be honest the Fugees’ The Score album has only recently started to grow on me. The album that really makes Lauryn […]

B. Dolan’s Kill the Wolf [REVIEW]

There are times when an album just clicks. B. Dolan’s new album Kill the Wolf clicked with me on the first listen. The year has been strong for hip hop. I was pretty sure Kendrick Lamar’s album was going to be my favorite in the genre by a long shot, but then Lazarus hit my […]

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