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Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples Rock the Hard Rock in Las Vegas 05/15

Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples stopped in Vegas on the Not Redy 2 Leave tour. The tour has already taken them through the east coast and after Vegas they finish off with some stops in Texas and Arizona. Remy Banks of World’s Fair is support on the tour and local indie opener Ekoh opened Friday […]

Earl Sweatshirt’s I Don’t Like Shit: I Don’t Go Outside First Listen Tweets

Finally gave a first listen to Earl Sweatshirt’s new album I don’t like shit: I don’t go outside. Kept putting it off because I wanted to give it a legitimate first listen, not just put it on in the background, but I had a ton of Bad Religion to listen to because of their two […]

Radiohead’s Creep Covered By a Scary Choir of Blonde Chicks

  Here’s a cool thing, a bunch of Belgian girls singing the eeriest version of Radiohead’s Creep.

Dale Watson to Release New Album “Call Me Insane” in June

Dale Watson is releasing an album on June 9th according the Saving Country Music. Dale Watson’s website does not reflect this news. Dale Watson is a country music singer whose fans would label as “real country music” and while I try to steer away from labeling my personal tastes as real metal or real hip-hop […]

Arena Negra by The Myrrors [Review]

Listen to the guitars drone and slowly build build build build to nothing. The first track is over 11 minutes and it’s layers and layers of musical drone. It just drones. On top of that vocals sound like they’re being chanted in the background. It’s…so…good. At no point above was I being sarcastic or negative. […]

2014 Top Ten Albums

I totally cheated this year by making three albums tied for tenth place. So my top ten albums of the year is actually a top 12. I did this totally scientifically, I made a short list and album by album I asked myself which of the two I liked more and gave the winner one […]

clipping. Release a New Weird Video for “Summertime”

Summertime comes off of their second album CLIPPNG. The video features an almost regular beach scene with MC Daveed Diggs’ face copied and pasted over other people’s faces. Like everything clipping. releases it’s the right amount of strange, entertaining and interesting.

Ida [REVIEW] Nominated for Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2015

My wife is Polish, so this was a very talked about film in our household. I really try to not write negative reviews, but this movie plodded horribly and was mostly predictable. The plot was deep, but deep in a way that has been done over and over again. I feel bad for Polish filmmakers […]

2014 List Still Has a Ton of Unwatched Films

We are almost never able to complete these lists. Sometimes the documentaries and the foreign films are especially hard to find. The bold films are what we’ve seen to this point and the rest are waiting in the wings. We still haven’t watched Nebraska on the Best Picture nominated list. Perhaps I should just start […]

The Imitation Game [REVIEW]

I am behind on my Oscar/Golden Globe film watching. I’ve normally seen at least half of them by now and I’m pretty sure Imitation Game is one of the few on the I’ve actually watched. The film and the performances were great. For people who are fans of historical films then this is another reason […]

2015 Movie List Based on Golden Globes and Oscars

My wife and I do this thing every year. After getting sick of wasting our time watch crappy movies we make a list of the Oscar nominated films and start checking them off, adding certain snubbed films and never forgetting our corny comic book and sci-fi roots (yes we love the Marvel movies and crapfests […]

Horror Movie Music: Cannibal Corpse Brings “A Skeletal Domain” to Las Vegas

Horror movies exist and are popular because the allow us to explore our uncomfortable fight or flight feelings without actually being in any danger. Kids can’t parse the reality with the fiction and have more trouble sleeping at night after a well paced ghost story or scream filled blood bath. Horror films themselves have changed […]

The Curator Mix #1

Listen to my curated mess by clicking here here A little taste of what’s been going through my ears recently and why: ***Rich Gang “Flava” from The Tour Part 1 Mixtape*** I’m on the Young Thug bandwagon. Like many on this bandwagon, I have no idea why I’m on it, I just know I’m here […]

Watch “Modest Mouse – The Best Room (Audio)” on YouTube

Watch “Modest Mouse – The Best Room (Audio)” on YouTube

We missed you Modest Mouse, welcome back. New album out soon. Modest Mouse – The Best Room (Audio):

Raygun (Feat DOOM) by Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD

Raygun (Feat DOOM) by Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD

For those of us on the edge of our seats waiting for the occasionally talked about Doomstarks record, here’s a taste of what’s to come. Ghostface Killah and Doom have previously worked together on a number of tracks. It should also be noted that this song is not an early release from the Doomstarks record […]

Lambgoat Compiles a Sortable List of All the Hardcore and Metal Albums That Were Released in 2014

Maybe you’d like to review how good 2014 was for heavy music? Well if that’s the case the guys at Lambgoat have compiled a list of all the releases in the world of hardcore and metal released in 2014. I will be visiting this often next year as it was impossible to keep up with […]

Dälek Releases First New Music in 4 Years

Dälek Releases First New Music in 4 Years

It’s been years since Dälek has released new material. This video is timely and very socially aware. The beat isn’t as crazy as most Dälek fans would want and hope for but new music on a topic that is important makes me excited about what might be coming right around the corner. The song will […]

clipping. Release New Video For “Get Up”

clipping. Release New Video For “Get Up”

Clipping is currently putting out some of the best hip hop you can find. Their first album Midcity (and is free) took the internet by storm and created an avant-garde piece of hip-hop that was still accessible due to Daveed Diggs’ flow and lyrical style. Get Up is from their new album released by Sub […]

White Lighter’s Self-Titled New Album [REVIEW]

Are you into rock albums? How about well written non-pretentious not too artsy rock lyrics that work with the music that surrounds it? Well boy, then I got a deal for you! White Lighter is a new project from Mark Salomon and Steven Dail from the golden age of “we’re not a christian band, but […]

Run the Jewels II [REVIEW]

I did not like Run the Jewels II better than Run the Jewels I. That’s the only negative thing I can say about this album. Run the Jewels II is another great piece of work by the best tag team in hip hop. I’ve been a fan of El-P’s work for quite some time now, […]

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