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Lambgoat Compiles a Sortable List of All the Hardcore and Metal Albums That Were Released in 2014

Maybe you’d like to review how good 2014 was for heavy music? Well if that’s the case the guys at Lambgoat have compiled a list of all the releases in the world of hardcore and metal released in 2014. I will be visiting this often next year as it was impossible to keep up with […]

Dälek Releases First New Music in 4 Years

Dälek Releases First New Music in 4 Years

It’s been years since Dälek has released new material. This video is timely and very socially aware. The beat isn’t as crazy as most Dälek fans would want and hope for but new music on a topic that is important makes me excited about what might be coming right around the corner. The song will […]

clipping. Release New Video For “Get Up”

clipping. Release New Video For “Get Up”

Clipping is currently putting out some of the best hip hop you can find. Their first album Midcity (and is free) took the internet by storm and created an avant-garde piece of hip-hop that was still accessible due to Daveed Diggs’ flow and lyrical style. Get Up is from their new album released by Sub […]

White Lighter’s Self-Titled New Album [REVIEW]

Are you into rock albums? How about well written non-pretentious not too artsy rock lyrics that work with the music that surrounds it? Well boy, then I got a deal for you! White Lighter is a new project from Mark Salomon and Steven Dail from the golden age of “we’re not a christian band, but […]

Run the Jewels II [REVIEW]

I did not like Run the Jewels II better than Run the Jewels I. That’s the only negative thing I can say about this album. Run the Jewels II is another great piece of work by the best tag team in hip hop. I’ve been a fan of El-P’s work for quite some time now, […]

Great Writing On The Current State of the Business Side of Hip Hop

Great Writing On The Current State of the Business Side of Hip Hop

Jeff Weiss has his own site that covers hip hop at But here is some mainstream writing from him about hip hop from a business perspective.  

Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar

Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar

This is my favorite music video of the year. Mastodon’s recent video for their song Motherload is close but it’s not quite what Flying Lotus has put together here along with another great featured verse by Kendrick Lamar. The video has to be watched all the way through, but it mixes dark and happy quite […]

The Electric Hour by Jeffertitti’s Nile [REVIEW]

Transcendental Space-Punk Doo Wop, that’s everything you need to know about Jeffertitti’s Nile. When you’re not on drugs sometimes this psychedelic stuff can start to sound the same. But so can punk and hip-hop, metal and anything else. Jeffertitti’s Nile might feel like that on the first listen, but like most great albums in this […]

Earthgang Releases Video For F Bomb

Earthgang Releases Video For F Bomb

Here’s some hip hop I’ve been enjoying for a little while. Came on late to Earthgang, heard them first on the Boondocks Mixtape a few months ago. Been following ever since, they also have a free mixtape called “Shallow Graves for Toys” on bandcamp which is worth a listen.

Her Film Review

Her directed by Spike Jonze and staring Joaquin Phoenix is one the less talked about Oscar nominees of the 2013 season. Despite the fact that it had no shot to win the Oscar it is still a great film, with all the subtle weirdness you’d expect from a Spike Jonze picture. The film tells the […]

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes [Review]

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes [Review]

Am I allowed to write about albums that are a few years old? Let me check with my editor. Okay we’re cool. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes is grand! And it was important to get on this because this album was released in 2011 and they’re likely thinking of releasing new music soon. I have […]

The Terror by The Flaming Lips [REVIEW]

An artistic and relevant band that has been around a long time is going to have a lot of variations and stages in their development and sound. The Flaming Lips are no different (even if they're different in almost every other way) The Terror is a black line in the sand. It’s not as big […]

War Horse [Film Review]

Took awhile to get to this film. It was nominated way back in the 2012 Oscars. There are those movies which are good, but you can tell they ended up on the awards lists because of who directed them. Steven Spielberg has a much easier road to getting something nominated than a lot of other […]

Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z

I am not the guy to come to when it comes to Jay-Z. I either think he’s overrated or in the case of this album, think he’s getting too much flack for a piece of work that is decent. The album is a fun listen. Lots of interesting beats and lots of interesting songs. Ol’ […]

12 Years a Slave [Film Review]

Films like these are needed in our culture. It’s important not to forget. I’ll have more to say about the idea of not forgetting and films like 12 Years a Slave hopefully in a more long form fashion. From the perspective of a film review the film was great. In particular Chiwetel Ejiofor performance was […]

Till the Wheels Fall Off by Bob Wayne [Review]

It’s okay to be a music nerd and listen to Arcade Fire, Danny Brown and Blut Aus Nord but then also like irreverent country music. I’ve decreed it. I have that kind of power. Bob Wayne released a catchy, funny, interesting and not safe for work set of songs with Till the Wheels Fall Off. […]

First Listen Tweets: Shelter by Alcest

These are the collected tweets I made during my first listen of the Alcest album “Shelter”. Maybe I end up doing a full review, maybe not. It all depends on if I give the album enough listens and have something to say about it. Let’s do a first listen on the new #Alcest album #Shelter. […]

Nine Inch Nails slash Trent Reznor slash I’m Not Sure What to Think Anymore

So I’m reading a short post on Alternative Nation and it appears Trent Reznor is talking about a new possible Nine Inch Nails album. I’m not sure what to think anymore about NIN. I liked Hesitation Marks and I never feel like throwing a Nine Inch Nails album under the bus like a lot of […]

El-P Producer Extraordinaire Plays Rhythm Roulette

El-P Producer Extraordinaire Plays Rhythm Roulette

Big fans of El-p here at Pitchforks are for Trolls. Here’s an interesting video of El-P doing the equivalent of a freestyle, except for producers. He has to pick three pieces of vinyl at random and create a beat out them. So the beat at the end was solid and not to give anything away […]

World’s Fair

Well look at that, no sooner do I go “Hey guys this is a cool song on soundcloud” do they release a free album to the people. I haven’t listened to it quite yet but I like what I’ve heard and it’s free! Just click here.

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